Sour Patch Kids Mega Duos - 170g (Australia)

  • $8.00
  • $10.00


These hard-to-find Sour Patch Kids from Australia are 2X bigger than Original Sour Patch Kids that you'll find in the states. They also come in flavors you can only find in the land down under. 

Similar to the Big Heads that are available here, each Mega Duo's Sour Patch Kid features 2 flavors in 1. 

Try flavors you won't find in the states: Blue Raspberry/Orange, Raspberry Lemonade/Pineapple, and Watermelon/Lime. (The US Big Heads come in Pink Lemonade/Blue Raspberry, Pineapple/Red Berry, and Peach/Orange.) 

Because these Mega Duo's Sour Patch Kids have no artificial flavors or colors, we would argue that they have a better texture and chew to them. 

Each bag contains 6-7 servings.