Sunkist - Tom Yum Jelly Soda 300ml (China)

  • $6.50


For the adventurous snacker, this carbonated beverage combines the traditional Thai Tom Yum soup and fruity jelly pearls for an explosion of sour, sweet, and spicy flavors in each can. 

Each bottle contains refreshing soda that's infused with the tangy and herbal taste of Tom Yum, enhanced with sweet jelly pearls that burst in your mouth. 

Before opening, make sure to shake the can at least 10 times! Yes, it's carbonated, but this is no ordinary soda. Each sip is filled with the delightful texture of jelly bits that makes for an exciting and fun drinking experience. Unlike anything we've seen in the states, here's your chance to try a Chinese favorite!

Each can contains 1 serving.