Freeze Dried Candy - The New Frontier in Sweets

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What is Freeze Dried Candy?

Have you ever heard of freeze dried candy?

Imagine eating a piece of candy that is so flavorful you can feel the taste on your tongue. Freeze dried candy is exactly that, and it's no wonder why the internet has quickly become obsessed with it.

By rapidly freezing candy with a special machine, reducing the air pressure, and then removing the water crystals through a special process called sublimation, it's possible to remove virtually all of the moisture from candy while leaving all of the flavor behind. The end result: a crunchy, melt in your mouth texture with intensified flavors.

Freeze drying is a time-intensive process as some candies can take upwards of 24 hours to complete; however, it's worth the wait for this deliciously unique treat! 

Freeze Dried Starburst

Why Freeze Dry Candy?

Although most recognized for food storage, freeze drying is popular among candy enthusiasts as it creates an entirely new experience for enjoying their favorite flavors.

Where heat-dehydrated food like fruit or beef jerky is left soft and chewy, freeze dried candy produces a crunch that's similar to eating a dry cereal like Cap'n Crunch. Now imagine eating a bowl of Skittles or Starburst cereal!

Not that it's typically an issue (especially around here), but freeze drying candy expands the shelf life by up to 25 years!

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Freeze Dried Skittles

What Are the Best Candies to Freeze Dry?

There's no wrong answer to this question as it's all a matter of preference. The most popular freeze dried candies tend to be Skittles, Starburst, Sweet Tarts, and Gummy Bears, but you can freeze dry almost anything. Chocolate lovers will be pleasantly surprised with just how delicious a freeze dried Snickers or Milky Way can be.


Freeze Dried Sweetart

Freeze Dried Skittles

Skittles are an extremely popular choice. When freeze dried, Skittles double in size and in turn, "pop" off their shell. We can't recommend these enough. There's a reason why these are our top selling freeze dried candy. 

Freeze Dried Starburst

Chewy Starburst are reduced to their essence, turning into an insanely delicious crunchy treat with all of the flavor you expect from these crowd favorites. Because Starburst expand quite a bit during the freeze drying process, we recommend the minis as they're easier to fit in your mouth.  

Freeze Dried Spree

Freeze Dried Sweetarts

Sweetarts fans will appreciate the fact that Freeze Dried Sweet Tarts double in size while retaining their original flavor. Try Sweetart Minis and Sweetart Extreme Sours in our online shop today!

Freeze Dried Spree

Much like Skittles and Sweetarts, Freeze Dried Spree double in size and will melt in your mouth. A must-try for any fan of Spree. 

If you're looking for something different to try or you want to experience your favorite flavors in a new way, freeze dried candy may be right up your alley.