Why is Exotic Soda So Expensive?

If you enjoy exotic sodas, then you may wonder why they can cost more than what you find at your local shop. Let’s look at why that can be the case, and how to find a great catalogue of sodas to order and try.

Making Exotic Sodas

The soda production process begins with sourcing local ingredients. These might include exotic fruits, spices, or even herbs that are not readily available in other parts of the world. The rarity of these ingredients contributes to the overall cost. Many sodas use ingredients that don’t have large-scale agricultural operations because the flavors are so local. This can make the base cost of ingredients higher as well.

Next comes the manufacturing process. Many exotic sodas come from small-scale manufacturers. They prioritize quality over quantity, often using traditional methods. This approach ensures authenticity but also increases the cost of production.

International Logistics

Once the soda is ready, it needs to travel across borders to reach the international market. This journey involves several stages, each adding to the final price.

First are shipping costs. Transporting goods overseas is not cheap, and the cost increases with the distance traveled. Then, there are customs duties and import taxes. These vary from country to country and can significantly inflate the price of imported goods. Finally, there's the handling and storage of these sodas once they reach their destination. Special care is needed to maintain their quality and freshness, adding another layer of expense.

Weight makes this process expensive as well. Liquids are surprisingly expensive, which makes their shipping costs more than other items of the same size, especially foodstuffs. This weight can dramatically increase the cost of getting exotic sodas here and sending them to your doorstep.

Limited Availability

While the perception may be that limited availability drives up prices, it actually drives up costs from the outset. Limited production runs means that economies of scale are not in play. In contrast, large soda companies produce in bulk, which reduces the cost per unit. Smaller, exotic soda manufacturers do not have this advantage.

Packaging and Branding

The packaging of exotic sodas also contributes to their cost. Many come in beautifully designed bottles or cans that reflect the culture of their origin. These unique shapes can make them more challenging to ship as well, increasing costs further. That said, the aesthetic appeal enhances the overall experience, making these sodas a popular choice for gifts or special occasions.

The Verdict

Exotic sodas are expensive due to a combination of factors. The journey from source to consumer involves several stages, each adding to the cost. Their limited availability and unique value proposition also play a role.

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