Exotic Bundles

We get it - with so many amazing munchies available, it can get a little overwhelming choosing which to try! By popular demand, we've curated some of our top sellers to help make things easier. 

Host a taste-testing party with friends, give a unique holiday gift to your colleagues, or keep them for yourself - there's no wrong answer! 

Hurry, though - we are only offering a limited number of these bundles, so snag one before they disappear!

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  1. The Ultimate Canadian Chip Bundle (Limited Edition)
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  2. The Ultimate M&M's Bundle (Limited Edition)
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Ready to take your snacking experience to the next level? Galactic Snacks has you covered! Our bundles are packed with exotic snacks from around the world—a curated selection of our most popular top sellers from around the world, designed to simplify your snacking choices and elevate your indulgence. Crafted by popular demand, these bundles open the door to endless flavor exploration and make sharing unique treats with friends, colleagues, or yourself an absolute delight. Act fast—these bundles are available in limited quantities and vanish quickly!

Mystery Snack Sack: A Bundle of Surprises

The Mystery Snack Sack is your ticket to embracing the thrill of international and limited-edition snacking without limitations. Designed to address the exciting challenges of sourcing unique snacks, this bundle introduces an element of surprise and discovery. Uncover exclusive off-menu items, indulge in new arrivals before they hit the shelves, and enjoy ultra-rare treats hidden in the back room. The Mystery Snack Sack is your pathway to reward and adventure, ensuring a win with every bite!

Ultimate Bundles: Elevate Your Snacking Game

Prepare for the ultimate taste experience with our curated Ultimate Bundles. Dive into a spectrum of flavors, textures, and international varieties that redefine snacking excellence. From the Ultimate Skittles Bundle featuring 13 rare and fascinating varieties, to the Ultimate Twix Bundle that unites the world's finest flavors, each bundle is a celebration of candy craftsmanship. Explore the intricate taste profiles of snacks from around the world and decide which treats reign supreme in your book. Our ultimate bundle selection includes:

  • The Ultimate Skittles Bundle
  • The Ultimate Snickers Bundle
  • The Ultimate Sour Patch Kids Bundle
  • The Ultimate Oreo Bundle
  • The Ultimate Doritos Bundle
  • The Ultimate Canadian Chip Bundle
  • The Ultimate Twix Bundle
  • The Ultimate Starburst Bundle
  • The Ultimate UK Candy Sampler
  • The Ultimate Lay’s Chip Bundle
  • The Vegan-Friendly Snack Pack

Who Should Try Exotic Bundles?

Anyone who loves munchies should try exotic bundles! If you're bored with the same old snacks you see every day, these bundles are a perfect way to get your taste buds excited again. Whether you're an adventurous eater or just looking for some new snacks to try out, our bundles are a great way to explore new flavors and textures.

Exotic Bundles Make Great Gifts!

Looking for the perfect gift that's sure to stand out? Our exotic bundles are thoughtfully curated bundles are an exceptional choice for gifting. Whether you're surprising a candy enthusiast, hosting a taste-testing party, or seeking a unique holiday gift for colleagues, our Exotic Bundles offer a one-of-a-kind experience that's bound to leave a lasting impression.

Global Snacking, One Bundle at a Time

Galactic Snacks isn’t like other exotic snack stores—we’re your gateway to an unforgettable journey of global snacking! From the surprise-filled Mystery Snack Sack to the refined excellence of our Ultimate Bundles, each offering is an ode to the diverse world of flavors waiting to be explored. As our inventory evolves, new delights emerge, and favorites become scarce, so seize the moment to secure your bundle of choice. With each bundle, you're not just indulging in snacks – you're embracing a cultural tapestry of tastes that transcend borders. Order now to experience the magic of Exotic Bundles by Galactic Snacks—the world's most unique and irresistible treats await your discovery.