Exotic KitKats

Did you know that the US is the only country in the world that uses Hershey chocolate in KitKats?

In addition to limited edition US flavors, try exotic KitKat flavors from the UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, Dubai and more. 

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  1. Kit Kat Strawberry Shortcake - 10 Minis (Japan)
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  2. Kit Kat Dark Tasmanian Mint Block - 170g (Australia)
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Who doesn't love KitKats? The crispy wafer sticks coated in creamy chocolate is every chocolate lover's dream come true. But what if we tell you that there's a whole new world of KitKats out there, waiting to be explored? Yes, we're talking about the flavored KitKat—an exotic snack that come in flavors you never thought existed! From green tea to sake, wasabi to purple sweet potato, the world of KitKat is full of surprises.

Try KitKat Flavors From Across the Globe

Let's start our journey from Japan, the birthplace of KitKats. Japan has been producing a mind-boggling variety of KitKats, with over 300 flavors to date! Some of the most popular ones include matcha green tea, wasabi, sake, strawberry cheesecake, and orange cocktail. The green tea KitKat is a must-try, with its strong tea flavor and smooth chocolate coating. Wasabi, on the other hand, is not for the faint-hearted, with its unmistakable pungent taste that hits you like a punch.

But the exotic world of KitKats reaches much further than Japan. Canada, Australia, Dubai, and several other countries create unique KitKats of their own. The world of exotic KitKats is vast and exciting, full of flavors you never thought existed. And the best part is, you don’t have to leave home to enjoy them, thanks to Galactic Snacks! We carry an ever-changing inventory of the most unique KitKats from across the globe. Choose from delicious options like:

  • KitKat Smooth Hazelnut (Australia)
  • KitKat Gold Cookies (Australia)
  • KitKat Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar
  • KitKat Dark Chocolate Orange Block (Australia)
  • KitKat Gold (Australia)
  • KitKat Dark Tasmanian Mint Block (Australia)
  • KitKat Mint Cookies.& Cream (Australia)
  • KitKat Butterscotch (India)

A Hershey Exception

As you traverse the globe of KitKat flavors, you might be surprised to learn that the United States marches to its own chocolate drumbeat. While most countries rely on local chocolate brands for their KitKats, the U.S. stands as the sole exception, using Hershey chocolate to coat its crispy wafers. This distinction not only highlights the diversity of chocolate preferences worldwide but also adds a touch of American flair to the global KitKat family.

Our KitKats Are Limited Edition—Order Yours Now!

Our mission is to bring the thrill of international flavors right to your doorstep, allowing you to savor the tastes of far-off lands without leaving your home. But remember, these extraordinary flavors are here for a limited time only. So, if you come across a KitKat that piques your curiosity, don't hesitate – secure your share of this global candy adventure before these exclusive treats disappear into the cosmos. With Galactic Snacks, every bite is a journey to a new and exciting flavor destination. Your next chocolate discovery awaits – order now and experience the magic of exotic KitKats like never before!

Exotic KitKats are more than just candy—they're a gateway to exploring different cultures through the medium of flavor. Whether you're indulging in the floral notes of matcha, the fruity sweetness of a cheesecake, or the spicy kick of chili and caramel, each bite takes you on a journey across continents and cuisines. So, what are you waiting for? Order your favorite exotic KitKats today at Galactic Snacks!