Space Debris

In our quest to bring back the most exciting munchies from around the Galaxy, we've found that some snacks don't survive the trip home in quite the same condition that we originally found them in. 

They may have flown too close to the sun in transit or perhaps failed to tighten their seat belts upon re-entry, but there's no reason these snacks can't still be enjoyed!

Don't worry, we guarantee the snacks still taste as intended, they just may not look as nice. If you have any issues with a Space Debris item, just shoot us a note and we'll make things right!

Note: These snacks are considered "Space Debris", which are discounted items that still taste delicious, but may not be in perfect shape. Some examples of this may be a chocolate bar that previously melted while in transit to us from a hot climate or chips that lost some of their pressure. For more details on a specific item's defect, see the product's description.  


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