Skittles Giants - Share Pouch - 132g (United Kingdom)

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These Skittles Giants from the UK are 3x bigger than the Skittles you'll find in the states.

With a crunchy shell and a bigger softer center, these Giants are unlike any Skittles you've had before.

Featuring the traditional UK Skittles flavors: Lemon, Strawberry, Lime, Orange and Blackcurrant.

(Skittles in the US include Lemon, Strawberry, Apple, Orange and Grape).

Have you heard about Skittles Giants? These candies from the UK are a treat for those with a sweet tooth. If you enjoy the classic Skittles, you'll love these chewy and fruity candies that are 3x bigger than the ones you're familiar with. In other words, they’re an absolutely must-try snack!

A Giant Twist to the Classic Skittles

Skittles Giants are larger in both size and texture than the original candies. They come with a crunchy shell but unlike the classic Skittles, they also have a softer center that provides an extra burst of flavor. The texture makes them chewy yet easy on your teeth. These candies are perfect for those who enjoy fruity flavors and a satisfying bite.

UK Flavors that Stand Out

The Skittles Giants flavors available in the UK are very different from those sold in the US. They come in Lemon, Strawberry, Lime, Orange and Blackcurrant. Although these flavors are also found in the original Skittles in the UK, the Blackcurrant flavor is what sets this version apart. It is a flavor that people in the UK love and that can be found in several other candies and drinks. Skittles Giants provide a fresh and fruity experience that is unique to the UK.

The Perfect Snack for All Occasions

Skittles Giants are a great snack for any occasion. They are perfect for road trips, movie nights, and even as an office snack. Whether you're snacking alone or sharing a pack with friends, these candies will make the experience enjoyable. They are also a popular treat for kids who love the size and flavors of the Skittles Giants.

One of the most appealing features of Skittles Giants is that they come in a resealable pouch. Unlike the standard Skittles package that you may be used to, the Giants come in a larger, sturdier bag that can be opened and closed repeatedly. This makes it perfect for snacking on the go or sharing with friends.

Why Do You Have Try Skittles Giants?

Skittles Giants are a snack you simply can’t miss if you're looking for something sweet and fruity. The size and texture of these candies make them unique and satisfying. The flavors that are available only in the UK add a touch of excitement to the experience of snacking. Here’s why you shouldn’t sleep on Skittles Giants:

  • Indulge in a much bigger and better Skittles experience
  • Try something new with the unique crunchy shell and soft center texture
  • Enjoy 3x more fun with these giant-sized Skittles treats

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