The Mystery Snack Sack

  • $50.00


Running an international and limited edition snack shop is a lot of fun! We're constantly trying new and exciting snacks from around the world, but this can raise a few issues:

  • What happens when we find something fun, but can only get our hands on a few of them?
  • What if we find a fun snack collaboration from overseas but can't advertise it due to licensing issues?
  • What if we sell out of an ultra-rare snack, but we find a few extras in the back room?
  • What if we want to reward our customers for being adventurous?

Introducing the Mystery Snack Sack!

For this bundle, we hand-select a number of our favorite exotic munchies, including exclusive off-menu items you won't find in our store

Sometimes we'll throw in new snacks before we offer them to the public. Sometimes we'll hold out inventory on some of our most in-demand snacks just for this bundle. You never know what you'll get, but it will always be a win! 

Bundles are constantly changing, but you can expect over $50 worth of snacks.

Please note that bundles are pre-packaged and built in batches, so ordering multiple Mystery Snack Sacks will most likely result in receiving duplicate items.