The Ultimate Oreo Bundle (Limited Edition)

  • $50.00


We've compiled the ULTIMATE Oreo Bundle consisting of some of the rarest, most exciting flavors and textures that we've found from around the globe. Hurry, we are only offering a limited number of these bundles!

  • Oreo Crystal Grape & Peach Flavor - 97g (China)
  • Oreo Double Stuff Chocolate Hazelnut Flavor - 135g (Australia)
  • Oreo Matcha Ice Cream Flavor - 97g (China)
  • Oreo Peach Oolong Tea Flavor - 97g (China)
  • Oreo Cadbury 5 Star Chocolate Bar - 42g (India)
  • Oreo Raspberry & Blueberry Flavor - 97g (China)
  • Oreo Dark Chocolate Wafer Bar - 58g (China)