The Ultimate Hi-Chew Bundle (Limited Edition)

  • $50.00


We've compiled the ULTIMATE Exotic Hi-Chew Bundle! Sample some of the most exotic international Hi-Chew flavors and decide for yourself which flavor reigns supreme!

Each Ultimate Hi-Chew Bundle includes the following flavors:

  • HI-CHEW Premium Setoka Mandarin Orange (Japan)
  • HI-CHEW Punishari Soda Variety - 68g (Japan)
  • HI-CHEW Umaichu Grape - 12pc (Japan)
  • HI-CHEW Muscat Grape - 52g (Japan) 
  • HI-CHEW Crunchy Sour Apple - 12pc (Japan)
  • HI-CHEW Umaichu Strawberry - 12pc (Japan)
  • HI-CHEW Daifuku Strawberry - 55g (Japan)
  • HI-CHEW Premium White Peach (Japan)
  • HI-CHEW Soda Pop Candy - 2.8 oz (Limited Edition)
  • HI-CHEW Cola Flavored - 12pc (China)
  • HI-CHEW Grapefruit Flavored - 12pc (China)
  • HI-CHEW Lime Flavored - 12pc (China)
  • HI-CHEW Yogurt Flavored - 12pc (China)