The Ultimate Skittles Bundle (Limited Edition)

  • $75.00


We've compiled the ULTIMATE Skittles Bundle consisting of some of the rarest, most interesting flavors and textures that we've found around the globe. 

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on these 14 different Skittles varieties!

  • Skittles Giants (United Kingdom)
  • Gooey Skittles Giants (United Kingdom)
  • Skittles Giants Crazy Sours (United Kingdom)
  • Skittles Desserts (Limited Edition) (United Kingdom)
  • Skittles Chewies (United Kingdom)
  • Skittles Squishy Cloudz -(United Kingdom)
  • Skittles Crazy Sours Squishy Cloudz -(United Kingdom)
  • Skittles Gummy Fruit Yogurt Smoothie Flavors (China)
  • Skittles Gummies Floral Fruit (China)
  • Skittles Gummies Tropical Fruit (China)
  • Skittles Fruit Tea Flavors - (China)
  • Skittles Fruit Yogurt Smoothie Flavors - (China)
  • Skittles Floral Fruit Flavors - (China)
  • Freeze Dried Original Shell Shocks