The Ultimate Starburst Bundle (Limited Edition)

  • $50.00


We've compiled the ULTIMATE Starburst Bundle consisting of some of the rarest, most exciting flavors and textures that we've found from around the globe. Hurry, there's no telling how long these bundles will be around!

  • Starburst FaveREDs Cotton Candy - 3.1oz
  • Starburst Sour Berry Gummies - 5.8oz
  • Starburst Swirlers Chewy Sticks - Share Size - 84g
  • Freeze Dried Starburst Minis - 3oz
  • Freeze Dried Starburst Sour Minis - 3oz
  • Starburst Airs Original - 4.3oz
  • Starburst Airs Tropical Sour - 4.3oz
  • Starburst FaveREDs - UK Flavors- 45g (United Kingdom)
  • Starburst Very Berry - UK Flavors- 45g (United Kingdom)
  • Starburst Original - UK Flavors- 45g (United Kingdom)